Wrath Of The Vajra

I found this film because Hastings was closing. It was on sale for 70 cents and didn’t have high expectations for this film, but I picked it up anyway. However the film was surprising good. The action scenes were amazing and it is a great film to just zone out to and be entertained. For someone who doesn’t always watch action movies it is a great change of pace. The most interesting part of the film for me was the actual history behind the plot and what really did happen with the Hades group. My only issue with the film is the plot. It feels too over the top. Wrath Of The Vajra tries too hard to build tension and draw the viewer in emotionally to only then fall flat. That being said if you like martial art and action films it is a great film and worth a watch, but I probably won’t be watching the film again anytime soon.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

I could talk about how cool the action scenes were, but I feel like there are too many scenes to discuss and it would spoil the film far too much. The fights are pretty well done, some slow mo’s are crazy and odd, but it provides some comic relief in the middle of 20 minute fight scenes. The plot, like I mentioned before, is oddly paced and at points far too predictable. Several instances really kill the plot such as the idea that a man fights to see his kid again, but he is killed. While it is sad the way it is staged really ruins the impact it should have on the film. Other items like the main female character realizes her wrongs and then dies trying to “right” them just felt so cliche it was not shocking nor emotional. There was one scene that really stood out for me and was the one plot device I didn’t really see coming. It was when the Vajra (K-29) was asked by Bauer to kill him since he had been severely wounded in a riot. That could have been a very powerful, but it was right after a completely crazy scene which caused such a bizarre juxtaposition that the scene fell somewhat flat. Despite all of these plot issues The Wrath Of Vajra is a decent martial arts film that deserves at least one watch and possibly more.








        Replay Value



          • Great Action Scenes
          • Interesting Plot


          • Terrible Plot Points
          • Over The Top

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