What Women Want

What Women Want is a very interesting film. It’s memorable but I don’t think it’s the best romantic film out there. Although seeing Mel Gibson wearing women’s stocking is comically hilarious and the plot is a more modern Mad Men except Mel Gibson learns from his lesson. I feel that the tainted image of Mel Gibson really hurts this film and causes me to not want to watch this film. That being said I think the film has some great points and funny scenes in it making it worth at least one watch but beyond that I wouldn’t say it’s worth watching again.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

It’s really hard to even spoil the film because it’s not exactly shocking what happens. Mel Gibson is a chauvinistic male who works for an add company. Helen Hunt shows up and basically makes him look like a fool. In order to save his career Mel Gibson tires on a bunch of women things ends up falling into a bathtub with a hair dryer and magically has the ability to read women’s minds. Okay so the plot its decent but it lacks anything to hold the viewers attention because predictably he ends up with Helen Hunt after stealing all her ideas and almost ruining her life. He learns a valuable lesson and everything ends happy. It honestly is decent but just not worth seeing again.








        Replay Value



          • Halfway Decent Plot


          • Predictable

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