Watchmen is based off of an Alan Moore graphic novel just like V for Vendetta. The acting, cinematography, music, special effects, and action scenes are truly fantastic. It is one of the best superhero film in this category. The only issue I have with Watchmen is the plot. As the cornerstone of the movie it falls short. The flow is choppy and makes the movie very hard to get into. This is coupled with a gratuitous amount of sex scenes for no real reason. The comedy scenes are rather funny, but they are severally hurt by awkward transitions between key plot points and other scenes. I really want to love this movie not just because of some of the ideas surrounding the movie, but also everything in this film great. However, I just can’t make it through this movie without losing interest and it is why it is very low on my watch list. I would recommend seeing this movie once but probably not more than that.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot of the film is interesting and disturbing. The idea that Dr. Manhattan is being used as a catalyst to kill millions of people while at the same time save the world from nuclear war is a bit twisted. The other issue is that the film just is really soulless and the only one who cares is a crazy man. It has all the right components to be a great film, but it just can’t quite get there. I’d much rather watch V for Vendetta than this film.








        Replay Value



          • Acting
          • Special Effects
          • Sound Track


          • Plot

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