Visions felt like a mix of The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby. It was strangely familiar film with slightly different plot line. I found myself both loving this film and found it boring. It’s boring because the plot was familiar and it made it made it tougher to stay immersed in the film. Several scenes where not shocking and scary because of that. At the same time though it is great because it follows a similar line to these two classic horror films.There is also a cameo appearance of Jim Parsons. It weaves and decent story which does hold up. Visions is a solid film and well worth watching, but if you’re a major horror fan this film might not be scary for you.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The film focuses on a woman who survived a car crash and is trying to get her life back together so her and her husband move into a new home. From there she beings to see things because she is pregnant and is more in tune with spiritual forces. From there most of the people in the town believe that the woman is going insane. It really felt like a stereotypical film. However the ending was not predictable and made it feel like the movie is worth watching. I would recommend this movie, but only to someone who has seen all the best horror films.








        Replay Value



          • It's A Solid B Rate Horror Film


          • Not Scary
          • Not Original

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