While maybe not the most historically accurate telling of Wyatt Earp’s life. Tombstone is one of the greatest westerns ever made. The start studded cast brings life to a great script. Val Kilmer delivers the best performance of his career as Doc Holiday. There are several famous lines from this movie that I quote frequently. From start to finish this film grabs the viewers attention and won’t let go. This is a must see and must own film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Okay if you know anything about the O.K. Corral then you will know the plot of this film, well at least for the 2/3’s of the movie.  The acting is incredible, Val Kilmer give a wonderful performance of Doc Holiday. He assumes the ghastly appearance perfectly and the way they depict his health throughout the film is fantastic. The best one liners come out of Kilmer’s character. The most interesting parts of the film is the death of the sheriff and when Kurt Russel (Wyatt Earp) catches some of The Cowboys out in a gun fight and kills Powers Boothe (Curly Bill Brocius) during a Homeric act of wading into a river in the middle of the battle killing several other members of The Cowboys. This is why some say that Wyatt Earp is the better film because it is more historically accurate, however this film is a much better and enjoyable film.






      Gun Fights


        Replay Value



          • Acting
          • Gun Fights
          • Cinematography


          • Not Historically Accurate

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