Tokyo Gore Police

Where to start with this crazy film. Well imagine combining a futuristic society with Power Rangers and crazy Japanese action scenes, even that doesn’t do it justice. From start to finish I sat there questioning why I was watching this film. Yet it’s so badly good you can’t take your eyes off it. The plot is extremely convoluted and to be honest it isn’t the reason to watch the film. There is so much blood that it can only be described by combining ever single gore movie in American cinema and even then I don’t think that’s enough. The monsters/mutants/aliens whatever you want to call them look like they came out of Ultraman or Power Rangers. They were cheap and weird costumes that makes the movie hilarious to watch.  Definitely watch this film if you want something bizarre and not every serious.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Okay so the plot is terrible and the fact that it is so bad actually makes the film great. It has all the classic type of Japanese hero stereotypes. I think the thing that makes this film is the novelty of it all. I would be hard press to call this film good, but it’s fun to watch once.








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