The Witchmaker (The Legend Of Witch Hollow)

The Witchmaker is also known as The Legend of Witch Hollow. The reason I start this review with the name of the film is that on Amazon Prime the film was labeled The Witchmaker, but the title screen in the film showed The Legend of Witch Hollow. Regardless of the what the film is called it is a trip from start to finish. The film original starts off to be a slasher flick and then changes directions two more times. This film is worth watch just simply for how bizarre it is is. If you have seen The Raven (the Vincent Price version) then you might have some indication as to how this film goes as far as plot. Honestly this film isn’t going to win any awards but if you’re getting tired of the somewhat generic plot lines of horror films The Witchmaker might be a good choice just to switch up what your watch. As a warning this film really isn’t scary.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Honestly this film felt like it couldn’t make up its mind on what it wanted to be. First it started to be a slasher film with a crazy wild man running in the swamps. From there a version of paranormal investigation unit goes out into the swamp for research. Then it goes into making one of the investigators initiate into the coven. Confused or lost at this point? You should be the plot is an amalgamation of four movies. Then to top it off the warlock who worships the devil does magic by like waving his hands with metal horns. To say this film is good would be an overstatement. It’s bad but it is funny enough to watch the entire film. This is a good film to just laugh and zone out to.








        Replay Value



          • Decent Acting
          • Badly Funny


          • Bizzare Twists
          • Chaotic Plot

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