The Windmill

Original I thought The Windmill would be a classic gore slasher film, however I was delightfully surprised. The plot is great and there are only a few slow paced scenes in the movie. The acting is typical for a A/B rate horror film and honestly Bart Klever was the best part of the film for me. The computer animation was amazing, but I felt that the more 1980’s special effects were cheesy and really unnecessary. This film left me with in a weird feeling I like several parts of it, but I just couldn’t love the film because of it’s indecisiveness of what it’s identity should be. I would recommend watching this foreign film if you are looking for mix of supernatural and slasher film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot of the film is interesting it deals with sin and a classic folklore of the Netherlands. At first the plot is rather slow building the backstory of each character and trying to tell their story and sins. This does make it rather struggle to stay focused on the film until the real major plot of the story takes place. Also the first death is ridiculous like HellRaiser style of death. After those rough parts of the film are over then the film really picks up and is well worth watching. The plot that these people are being brought to their death by a devil’s servant who is contracted to bring those who have sinned to hell is really good. The reason it is really great is that each person must face their sin or be dragged to hell. The other plot point that is great is the issue with those who have not sinned and how Abe is contracted by the evil to kill those which he cannot. The ending is good because it shows that the cycle continues and will always continue with new victims and sinners. If you don’t mind a partially subtitled film and a few slow points then this film is well worth watching.








        Replay Value



          • Good Plot
          • Decent Acting


          • Gory

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