The Wicker Man

I have heard rave reviews on this film and thought after seeing the remake that there wasn’t much reason for why people like The Wicker Man. I couldn’t have been more wrong (and happily so). This movie is truly incredible and a masterpiece. There is so much depth to the film. The characters are creepy and really sets the viewer on edge. From start to finish there are so many twists and frankly some of the major plot points are freaky. Christopher Lee does an amazing job acting and really makes the film even more disturbing. Edward Woodward is great as the detective looking for a missing girl. The only thing I wish I could have changed was that I saw this version first and never saw the 2006 remake. It is a must own for any horror movie lover, be warned there is a lot of nudity and not a family friendly film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot in this version of the film is incredible. The best part about it is the slow and steady build up of creepy and disturbing things happening. It really helps pull the viewer into a state of unease. The villagers who are all playing their part to capture Edward Woodward do an incredible job in just acting like they are mentally weird or just insane. Even though I understood what was going to eventually happen in the film where Woodward dies The Wicker Man really is about the build up to the end and how well crafted everything is. Probably the best part was watching the chemistry between Lee and Woodward. The difference between the two actors in both demeanor and expression is incredible. One thing that is the most interesting part of the movie to me is the end when Woodward is already in the wicker man is the group dancing ritual for the sacrifice. It is very disturbing watching the smiles and joy while a man is burning to death. It is a scene that leaves a lasting impression. The Wicker Man is a must watch and own film.








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          • Classic Horror
          • Amazing Plot
          • Great Acting
          • High Replay Value


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