The Phantom Speaks

Sudo-science is plentiful in The Phantom Speaks. If you are familiar with the classic Donovan’s Brain then the idea of the film is quite similar. The plot is great with wonderful pacing and while the special effects might feel cheesy they help make The Phantom Speaks even better. I love this era of films they are timeless and while most would consider this film more of a C rate film I would give it an A. It is worth a watch and honestly I want to own this film. It definitely has a high replay value for a classic film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The idea of people coming back from the dead is a timeless tale. The Phantom Speaks takes a different approach to the story instead of steeping itself in test tubes and laboratories it focuses on mental power and will. The idea is a man tries to connect with a death row inmate and try to bring him back to the current world. Upon successfully  doing  so the man is taken over by the deceased and seeking vengeance against those who he felt wronged him. The best part of the film is all of the classic new journalist trying to be a detective and solve the mystery of everyone dying. It is a wonderfully paced film because of the ability to see the crime committed and then see how the police and journalist try to figure out who committed the murder.








        Replay Value



          • Classic B Rate Sci-Fi
          • Cheesy Special Effects
          • Great Slang


          • Some Slow Points

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