The Imitation Game

I was honestly excited to watch The Imitation Game. However even though this movie is great and well done I just couldn’t love it. While the acting was incredible there was too much filler to make the movie feel amazing and something I wanted to watch multiple times. There were several awkward scenes in the film which makes it hard to watch. The Imitation Game felt like a bad version of Rashomon. The story was told out of order and while that can be done it didn’t feel as the same impact that it could have had. It just kept leading the viewer the until the hard let down of the end. This does not mean that I think the story behind the film was boring or that Turing’s exploits were anything less than brilliant and heroic. It just wasn’t as good as I hoped.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

What really didn’t make me love this film was the filler in the film. There were several scenes like in the beginning where multiple film styles were stitched together which didn’t help with the immersion into the film. Several movies do switch the cinematography styles but it is once. This film switched many styles just to try and build the atmosphere but it really made it feel out of place. This was coupled with random scenes of London being destroyed which should have a bigger impact but they didn’t help build the story. I loved the main plot to the film and the acting is top notch. It was one of those movies I wanted to love but found myself just liking it and that was the biggest issue with me. I would recommend this film to people, but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice for a war movie or historical film.








        Replay Value



          • Wonderful Plot
          • Great Acting


          • Odd Pacing

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