The Great Hypnotist

The Great Hypnotist is truly a trip to watch. From start to end the films plot really shines and makes the film worth watching. The depth of character development is remarkable and helps pull the viewer into the story. While it is great to have an amazing plot the special effects helped bridge the line between reality and the characters memory creating a dream like state for the full film. The only draw back of the film is what holds the plot together and that is the biggest twist of the film. That being said it is worth a watch and watching again.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The idea of a shrink vs. shrink battle was an interesting one and I loved every second of the film even though at some point I had no clue what was real or fake. It was a great feeling and I was completely immersed in the film. The film did have a vibe of the film Sytheostaia with the way certain events and scenes were portrayed. It really did feel surreal and the explanation at the end doing a rewind to watch the entire plot and go through the subtle parts of the film the viewer missed was necessary. The only issue with that is that there is no point to watch the film again to catch all the subtle tricks that make the film. If you like a drama with plenty of twists and turns this is the film for you.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Wonderful Plot
          • Amazing Special Effects
          • Great Twists


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