The Ghostly Galleon

Poorly made and badly dubbed describes The Ghostly Galleon. The plot is odd and made purely trying to play off of people wanting to be scared and see scantily clad models. There is barely any substance to the plot besides the aforementioned. The acting is sub-par and made it somewhat painful to watch. What are supposed to be tense and heart pounding scenes are rather hilarious because of how bad the acting is. The main problem is that the film isn’t bad enough to be completely hilarious. Instead it rests in that gray zone of being a not great b movie and something that is not memorable in the slightest. I would recommend getting your dubbed horror fix somewhere else like Baron Blood or any other Mario Bava classic.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

There is very little to say about the plot of the movie while it seemed to be a predecessor to Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. However the frights and terrors of The Ghostly Galleon fall rather flat. When people are dragged off to their doom they are rather pulled from some mythical force because there is no distortion or visible pressure being applied to the faces of the victim. The scenes involving this action are also very pronounced and dragged on for far too long. The ghostly crew was well done for the special effects for the time. Due to the rather boring and painfully slow plot of the film the impact and fear that could have been derived from the ghosts visual appearance was ruined. This film felt low budget and was a struggle to get through. If you want a good ghost pirate film watch Pirates Of The Caribbean instead.








        Replay Value



          • Great looking ghosts and skeletons


          • Terrible Pacing
          • Not Scary

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