The Eagle Has Landed

Combine Micheal Caine, Donald Sutherland, and Jack Higgins and what do you get? You get The Eagle Has Landed an incredible World War 2 fictional story. Filled with the classic Higgins plot points you can expect great twists and turn throughout the film. The acting is superb and helps easily pull the audience in and doesn’t let them go. While this film does have a squeal (The Eagle Has Flow) this is the best one and definitely a must own film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Okay so this film is about a plot to kill Churchill and the undercover mission that the Germans take to do so. Donald Sutherland plays Liam Devlin an Irishman working for the Germans, whose role is to scout¬† out the landing zone for Micheal Cane’s troops. The interesting thing is that it shows the German soldiers as not cold killing machines, but normal people. There is a scene where the troops are doing drills in English uniforms and a girl falls into a river which is next to a water wheel. The soldier saves the girl and dies saving her. It reveals his German uniform under the English one and everything devolves from there. While this film is fairly serious Larry Hagman does a great job providing comic relief throughout the plot and making it a well rounded movie.






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