The Dead Room

To say I had little hope for The Dead Room was an understatement, this is one of those movies where I was completely wrong. I had been recommended this film by Netflix because I watch The Babadook and it was another Australian horror film. Honestly after watching this film I can definitely say this film is leaps and bounds better than The Babadook. The characters are more intriguing, the dynamic between all of them is both entertaining and funny. It felt like an Australian version of The Legend of Hell House, minus the major explicit and risque features of the book. I would recommend watching this film for any haunted house fans. I know I will definitely be watching this film again soon.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

There are several things to like about this film. The idea that it’s the study of a paranormal is great and one of the things that made  The Legend of Hell House and The Dead Room have a great plot. The best thing about this film is how little backstory there is about the film and how through investigation  the story from beginning and is only put together at the end. The final plot twist was predictable in some aspects, but still a decent ending the final scene though was a let down. the tension and scare from the final person trying to escape the house being caught was amazing and a great place to end the film however it instead ended on a the spirit crawling towards the viewer. It felt out of place and wasn’t really needed to have a great film. That being said The Dead Room is well worth seeing at least once.








        Replay Value



          • Great Plot
          • Good Acting
          • Enjoyable Scares


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