The Darjeeling Limited

What do you get when you combine Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman? A wonderfully comical and bizarre film The Darjeeling Limited. The film has beautiful cinematography not only with balance but as well as background. From start to finish the movie is a trip. The plot interesting and makes the viewer constantly ask what is going on. It flows beautifully with comedy and drama. The comedic parts of the film are incredible and quite memorable. Characters have some of the best depth that I have ever seen. It makes you feel for the characters and almost bond with them as they travel from location to location. If you are familiar with Wes Anderson (Life Aquatic) then you should know what to expect from this film. If you’re new to Wes Anderson this is a great film to start with, it is well worth the watch.


Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Okay so this is a Wes Anderson film. I came into this film expecting something weird so that part of the film wasn’t necessarily shocking. What did surprise me was how well Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman acted and created chemistry between themselves which greatly helped bring together a weird plot. They kept me interested in the film as they struggle traveling in India to search for their mother. The comedy is great and if you have seen Life Aquatic then you’ll know the humor to expect, odd and interesting. While at some points¬† I questioned what exactly the point of the film was it feels quite a bit like reading Camus and other absurdist writers. While the plot is convoluted and it ends in a sham like their mother leaves them after they spent all that time looking for her the journey was the most important and the time they shared together. That is why I love this film it’s for particular moments in the film not for the film as a whole, but that is the way I tend to look at a Wes Anderson film.










          Replay Value



            • Comedy
            • Character Chemestry
            • Cinematography


            • Weird Plot
            • Viewer Is Left In The Dark For Most The Movie

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