The Core

The Core is one of those disaster movies where most of the film relies on special effects and CG to make it good. While at the time of the films release the special effects would be amazing however now it severely hampers its longevity. Even now the film is dated and painful to get through. The acting is both a mix of terrible and great causing significant lulls which are hard to power through the film. Another issue is the technology is fairly outdated making the film feel older than it should. This film doesn’t have much going for it and if you’re looking for a disaster film I’d look elsewhere.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

I will say that I enjoyed Stanley Tucci acting in this film. He played his role to a T and made the film bearable. That being said I don’t enjoy disaster flicks usually for my previously stated reasons. The real issue to me was the plot the idea that the U.S. army created a super weapon and testing it caused the issue with the Earth’s core to stop. It really feels like a conspiracy theorist’s dream. Is it over the top yes and the rest of the film is a spiral from this plot. The Core was painful to watch and I won’t be watching it again.








        Replay Value




          • Terrible Plot
          • Boring
          • Bad Acting

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