The Admiral

This Netherland film about one of its greatest naval heroes Michiel de Ruyter is fantastic. Special effects in the film is great and helped immerse me into the movie. The acting was incredible and the plot gave the characters depth. That made every scene in the film exciting. They also paid close attention to the little details like having people in the background using fire to bend the wood for the ship making. The Admiral did a great job keeping me hooked from the dramatic moments to the fast paced action scenes. There was no lull in the film and I didn’t want to stop watching this film. It is truly a great and a must see film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

There is so much that I love about this film. The cinematography when the ships are battling is impeccable. They did such a good job capturing the chaos of war while twisting in slow but meaningful political scenes. One of the biggest scenes and powerful ones was the killing of the de WItt brothers when they are imprisoned and being transferred. It was incredibly sad but also disturbing at how the mob reacted to the situation. It wasn’t what I expected to see and it helped make the scene truly dramatic. This is really a great piece of cinema and deserves to be watched.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Great Action Scenes
          • Amazing Plot
          • Good Acting


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