The Abandoned

The Abandoned is another one of the eight films to die for series. It focuses on a woman trying to uncover her past in a part of Russia. While this might seem rather cliche and a very stereotypical start to a horror film, The Abandoned branches off a creates a great plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. The concept of the film is unique and that alone is enough for me to recommend that you should see this film. It doesn’t just stop there though the acting is good and helps bring the viewer closer into the film. The cinematography does take a little getting used to because it is so bright, but it provides another layer of visual appeal that helps put the viewer in a state of unease. The Abandoned is one of those movies I could watch again and again still picking up stuff I missed in previous viewings which makes it a great horror film and a must own.

Bottom Line (Waring Contains Spoilers)

Normally films that deal with time continuum bother me, like Meet The Robinsons. It’s probably due to me having an engineering degree and reading a bunch of sci-fi, but that’s besides the point. I was shocked how well this film handles the can’t escape from the past so it must happen now type of plot line. For the sake of understanding this next section I will provide a short synopsis of the plot. A woman goes to Russia to inherit her family place and find out more about herself. She finally gets to her family place and she finds out the sinister history. She finds her twin brother there and then the past and future begin to blur together. This is when zombie like creatures appear that are carbon copies of her and her twin. It spirals from there, but the idea is very unique in that they cannot harm these zombie versions of themselves. It is genius and it also makes the film feel like it takes place in different locations while still being in the same house for most of the movie. It is a must own must watch type of film.








        Replay Value



          • Amazing Plot
          • Great Acting
          • Truely Scary
          • Cinematography Is Well Done


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