The 7th Seal

The 7th Seal is a beautifully executed piece of classic cinema. The film itself is timeless focusing on a man playing a chess game with the grim reaper/death for his life. Throughout the film it’s rather interesting pacing helps keeps the viewers attention. While some of the film the viewer will be wondering what they are watching the movie is a treat and well made. It really feels like a well executed Shakespearean play. The dialogue between Gunnar Björnstrand and Death is interesting and helps make the film very cerebral and truly timeless. This is a must see movie and honestly if you are a movie lover a must own.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

There are few movies that are truly  beautiful and powerful as The 7th Seal. The reason for that is while the film takes place around a chess game of life and death there is a lot of subtle sub plots in the film. The idea of death showing a person his life and how he lived it is a great example of this. Each scene really is a sub topic of human life and also a bigger part of the plot which is death trying to distract attention away from the chess game. It is a somewhat slow paced film however that is what makes it so great. It is an epic and a classic.








        Replay Value



          • Briliant Plot
          • Classic
          • Incredible Acting


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