Stargate is a giant in the science fiction world and lead to several spin off shows on TV. Is the praise the film receives deserved? I think the answer is yes.  The acting is great for the most part. The plot is great and at times feels like a UFO theorist dream, but that is what makes it amazing is out outlandish and over the top it is. The most surprising factor to me was the special effects I was expecting poor animation and instead was greeted by a visually enthralling experience. It made the film for me and something that I will watch over and over again.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

If I had to grade the film solely based on acting I would give it a barely passing grade. The characters are not very well developed and does make me withdraw from the film on that aspect alone. The reason this movie is great for me was the special effects and how eye catching they were. While I wish I could say the plot is great the hard lack of character development and some cliche plot points made it hard to say it’s great.  This is while I want to watch over and over again simply for the action scenes and it’s a good movie to have in the background while doing other things. I would recommend this movie but I would have the warning that there will be some major lulls in the film.








        Special Effects


          Replay Value



            • Sci-Fi Classic
            • Great Special Effects


            • Some Slow Points

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