Stagecoach Express

Stagecoach Express is a classic black and white B grade westerns. The plot is good and the acting is okay for the most part. If you’ve seen any of the lower grade westerns of this time then you’ll know what to expect great gun fights, stagecoaches placed over terrible backdrops rolling past. Honestly its good, but not necessarily going to be a standout film. If you’ve seen most of the truly classic westerns this is a decent one to pick up and see at least once.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot of the film is that a young woman has found herself in the middle of a dilemma where she wants to continue her fathers legacy and keep the stagecoach line going while she is in the lawless Texas territory. The most interesting thing about this film is the idea that a man has a dog that is companion. It was weird because the first major plot points focus on the dog ratting out a bad guy who pretends his arm was broken during a stagecoach robbery. However afterwards there is very little mention of the dog nor is he really scene instead it focuses on the roaming stranger who helps the woman salvage her stagecoach line. The final shoot out was typical but worth watching.






      Gun Fights


        Replay Value



          • Decent B Grade Western


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