Honestly I have to say I really didn’t have high hopes for a Netflix Original sci-fi film. However I was actually amazed by this film. The plot is solid, there is some great depth to the characters and I found myself getting pulled into the film and caring for the characters. What really sold me on this film was the special effects of the film. I was expecting some made for TV film, but they were great. It really helped push this film into a great film not just another B list sci-fi film. The movie felt like a Gears Of War movie because of how well the world is constructed. The pacing is great and action scenes are intense and well done. Plus it has an RPG in it what more needs to be said. I would recommend this film in a heartbeat to any sci-fi fan.

Bottom Line (Waring Contains Spoilers)

The film is great because of they way they did the spectral beings. The animations for the beings are both fascinating and haunting. The plot focuses on a scientist/engineer trying to solve an anomaly of his creations from there he is dropped into a Gears of War environment, but soon discovers that it is these spectral beings and then is a fight for his life and for the US forces he is with. The film has great action scenes and build good tension. From there the different types of viewpoints from scene to scene keeps the viewer’s attention for the entire film. If you need another reason to watch the film it was made by Legendary Entertainment the Dracula Untold movie. Spectral is a great film and deserve to be watched.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Great Plot
          • Good Special Effects
          • It Has An RPG In It


          • A Few Slow Scenes

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