Secret Village

Secret Village is like a bad version of the remake of The Wicker Man. A woman has come to a remote location to find out what happened during the Salem witch trials and various types of plagues. From there the plot becomes super predictable and that makes the film drag on. The acting feels unnatural and character development isn’t really there.  I felt like the movie pacing was unbelievably slow. The special effects in the film are low budget and fit the movie.  If you’re looking for a  D rate horror film this is a decent pick.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot and special effects are what hurt this movie the most. It didn’t help that the entire time I felt like Ali Faulkner acted like Kristen Stewart. The two biggest plot holes actually reveals the entire plot. One of these were the world we saw wasn’t real and she has been hallucinating the entire time. The reason for that was the two people who were stalking her didn’t break into the house to get in. The other was the clothing of the person showing her the village secrets. It was a dead give away and it made the movie painful to sit through because you could easily tell what was going on.








        Replay Value




          • Boring Plot
          • Bad Acting

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