Scream Machine

Scream Machine is a great film that not only is funny but also disgusting. The plot is out there and while not original it gives it a unique spin. The film at first felt like Creepshow however the main difference to me, and one of the most enjoyable parts, was the rhetoric between the host and his friend. The film did feature some big names in horror such as Lloyd Kaufman and David C Hayes. Overall the acting was on point to make a rather funny movie. I love the 5 short films that are combined to create one long film because it allowed a more dynamic range of emotions, hilarity, and gore to be shown. The one thing I definitely enjoyed was the sound effects and the music. It added a flair of character to the film. If you get a chance to see this film do yourself a favor and watch it, you will die from laughing.

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Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

This is a interesting film and is a short story platform that uses a host to tell the tales in the apocalypse. Their interacting is hilarious and funny. The films are quite unique and honestly disturbed. The stories are different and unlike anything I’ve seen before. Most of it is disturbing and it’s not a bad film, just not one of my top favorite horror films, but worth a watch.








        Replay Value



          • Original Plot
          • Different


          • Bloody
          • A Bit Too Strange

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