Rear Window

What do you get when you combine Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock together, other than an intense and classic thrill ride? You get a pair of movies called Rear Window and High Anxiety. Rear Window is a quite unique type of thriller because the entire plot takes place with the main character, Jimmy Stewart, stuck in a room. While that might be off putting to some it truly shows the brilliance of Hitchcock who can weave a nail biting plot while keeping the characters rather stationary. The viewer is left on the edge of there seat wondering what will happen next and guessing until the very end. I feel one of the underrated parts of any Hitchcock film is the music and Rear Window has a great soundtrack, while it isn’t the big box office top 20 hits type of soundtrack it just works and helps create a great atmosphere. If you haven’t seen this film do yourself a favor and pick it up you will not be disappointed.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Is there much else to say about this film not really the plot focuses on a camera man, Jimmy Stewart, who discovers a murder in the apartments across from his while he is laid up with a broken leg. The most interesting part of the film is the fact it takes place in one room, but the entire film feels much bigger than that. The final scene when Jimmy Stewart faces off with the killer is great and has wonderful tension. It is well worth the price of admission to see this film.






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