Phantasm is a great science fiction and horror film. While some of the special effects and plot devices are some what cheesy, it just adds to the overall atmosphere of the film. It is easy to see how Phantasm gained cult status from the iconic and menacing stare of Ken Jones. It makes the film for me and it deserves to be watched multiple times. Although I did criticized some of the special effects there were others that did blow me away and how well they were executed. As a disclaimer I did watch the remastered version of the film which might make a difference. It was a great movie either way and worth the time to see it.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The overall plot of the dead being used for slaves in a different dimension is an interesting one and left me wondering what was going to happen every single minute of the film. At first I thought the film was going to be a gorefest but once the second death occurred the film was relatively gore free. For me the special effects really made the film. I felt like I was watching a distant cousin to Evil Dead, because of how well the special effects are executed. The cherry on top of the film was the ambiguous ending never really stating that the film events did not occur. I would definitely recommend that you watch this film if you like sci-fi or horror.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Great Plot
          • Good Twists
          • Superb Special Effects


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