To say that Patton is one of the greatest World War 2 film ever made is an understatement. George C. Scott delivers the performance of a life time as General Patton. The plot envelopes the viewer and does not let go. From the first monologue to end credits this film has such immense gravity the viewer will take something away from this movie. If you have not seen this movie it is a must see and eye opening view inside the life and times of General Patton.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The film is great from the opening monologue of Patton standing in front of the American flag to standing in the middle of an air raid firing his ivory handled pistols this movie is intended to pull the viewer in and not let go. At first it shows the heroics of Patton then the film begins to show the many sides of Patton from talking about his beliefs of being a reincarnated from other great war leaders to his low points, slapping a shell-shocked man. The film does a great job depicting Patton in both good and bad light. While the film doesn’t depict his full life it does do a good job showing his life during the war and the end of his life in Germany. It is a brilliant film and is a classic.






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