Night At The Opera

As a classic film and old time radio show fan normally I don’t listen or watch comedy films. It is simply because most jokes don’t hold up over time. However that was not the case with this Marx brothers movie. Night At The Opera was hilarious with timeless jokes, slap-stick humor, and a good plot. From start to finish I couldn’t stop laughing and honestly haven’t laughed that hard in years. It is easy to see why people love Groucho Marx. His mannerisms and jokes are not based on being outrageous or trying to be  crude. While normally I don’t like musical style of films this was also an exception because the music isn’t meant to carry the film. It is a must own and must watch film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Okay for those who only know Groucho Marx by his iconic mustache, it’s a little off putting to just see a black stripe painted onto his face. This is one of his earlier films before he grew his own. That being said there are plenty of great scenes from trying to make a policeman think he is going insane by moving furniture from one room to another via the balcony to everyone trying to cram into a tiny room aboard a ship. The plot is interesting dealing with Groucho Marx trying to make a bunch of money as fast as possible dealing with an older lady looking to be in a higher social class and the craziness that ensues. I found the film to have decent pace but the comedy scenes are some of the best I’ve seen.








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          • Hilarious
          • Great Acting
          • Classic
          • High Replay Value


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