New Orleans After Dark

This film noir film feels like a mix of The Andy Griffith Show and Dragnet. Unfortunately it didn’t really take all the great points of those two shows. This film has very wooden acting and the monologues over the film just are painful. It is in that weird gray zone where it isn’t bad enough to be funny nor is it good enough to be considered a B rate film. It feels like a more D rate film. The plot is slow and random at points which doesn’t keep the viewers attention. It isn’t really a film worth finding to watch and own.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

There are several weird things about the film. First the entire part with the officers family is painful to watch and felt like a bad Andy Griffith Show type of vibe. There wasn’t much that made the film stand out. The acting of the officers is painful and flat. There is little great slang to make this really rest inside the film noir genre and very little action and more just telling of the New Orleans police force trying to stop a drug smuggling ring. It was just too slow to be good and boring.








        Replay Value




          • Boring Plot
          • Poor Example Of Film Noir

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