Most Likely To Die

Most Likely To Die felt like a different version of Scream. There were some unique aspects to the film, but it did feel like it was the stereotypical plot with just a different cast. It was hard to care about any character in the film and it was the way the characters were developed. The acting didn’t help for most of the characters. The cinematography was decent but it wasn’t breathtaking. If you haven’t seen Scream I would definitely watch that one over this one.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The coolest part about this film was that the cap from the cap and gown was basically a ninja star. After that it wasn’t anything surprising there were two killers wearing the same costume and it really felt like the movie was setting up for a sequel. The way the deaths are set up are very cookie cutter lets split up and wonder why we are being picked off. The romance lines are not great either they are just dry and no real reason for them. The characters are dying because of what they did in high school and they were terrible people. There isn’t much reason I should care about them. Most Likely To Die feels to generic with a little twist.








        Replay Value




          • Bland Plot
          • Bad Acting

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