Monsters is a sci-fi film which focuses on aliens who come from space and have spread into what they called the infected zone. The plot unfortunately is pretty generic. It literally is an alien version of Jurassic Park. The acting is mixed causing very weird dynamic which made me not care about the romantic story line at all. The beast are not original but the animation on them is fantastic. It was really cool to watch the creatures move and interact with the world. If you are jonesing for a new version of Jurassic Park check out this film. I won’t be watching it again any time soon.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Well what can I really say about this film other than it is Jurassic Park mixed with Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. The movie involves taking a wealthy man’s daughter to safety away from the aliens destroying the world in South America. A photographer must take her and see her home. To prove my point about it being a Jurassic Park knock off there is a scene where the main characters are with a group of expert navigators are in trucks and the alien wrapped it’s tentacles around the truck and hauls it away. The camera angle is almost the exact same as in Jurassic Park. The story really deals with how human deals with things that they cannot win a fight with and finding a way to survive. This film really isn’t worth watching if you’re not a Jurassic Park fan.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Jurassic Park With Aliens


          • Boring Plot

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