Monsters Dark Continent

This film departs from its predecessor and takes on a much darker tone. It involves a group of soldiers who have found themselves placed in the middle of combat with the aliens and rebel forces. There is a film noir style of narration for the main character. The acting is good but the plot really kills the film. There is a coherent story line but the main point of the film gets lost through all the chaos. The pacing of Monsters Dark Continent is either painstakingly slow or action happening everywhere. The cg of the film is fantastic and honestly is the only reason I kept watching the film. It isn’t a great film but if sci-fi war movies are your thing this will be great for you.+

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

This film has so many parts to it that the film it felt like it had attention deficit disorder. They spend so much time to developing characters and then to have most of them die within 15 minutes of each other didn’t feel like the best setup for the film. The story then follows one solder on a mission to do save other soldiers which just turns into him becoming a man who lost everything and struggling to cope. The film didn’t need aliens there wasn’t a real point to having them in the film other than to create three way fights and a convenient way for the main character to escape captivity. All I walked away with from this film was the brilliant cg work and very little else.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Amazing Special Effects


          • Too Much Crammed Into One Movie

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