Midnight Meat Train

While I’m not a huge Clive Barker fan and did not particularly care for Hellraiser, Midnight Meat Train is a good film. One thing that really makes this film stand out from other gore fest films is the caliber of acting with both Bradley Cooper and Vinnie Jones. This talent helps the film become more believable. The detective murder mystery angle of the plot is wonderful and kept me wondering what turn the film was going to take next. My major issue with the film is the ending and the tone that the film left me with. If you like a little more mystery in your gore flick this is a great one to watch or if you want a great horror movie in general. That being said it isn’t something I want to watch again, at least not for a very long time and that was because the ending wasn’t quite there.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The main thing that attracted me to Midnight Meat Train was the cast. I really like Vinnie Jones and I wanted to see how he would act alongside Bradley Cooper. I was however rather disappointed when I found out  that Vinnie Jones does not say a single word throughout the film. While the reason that his tongue is cut off makes sense it did hurt my overall impression of the film. What Midnight Meat Train really lacked for me was a great ending and the reason for the train just seemed to over the top and not exactly something I enjoy in my  horror film where ‘ghost’ or ‘hauntings’ are involved. That was the idea that an ancient race of beings are kept underground and are supplied by whoever catches the wrong train leaving the station. It felt too much like a typical Stephen King novel/film where the ride was great but the ending just wasn’t there and thrown in at the last second just for the sake of making a twist. This film is good, but it’s not great nor a film I particularly want to see again.






      Thrill Ride


        Replay Value



          • Great Acting
          • Does A Great Job Build Suspense


          • Terrible Ending

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