Meet The Robinsons

After seeing this film and Wall-E it is clear that sci-fi is not the best thing for Disney to make. I understand that the film is meant for kids however the time paradoxes that are created in the movie are truly mind-boggling. That being said there several funny scenes in the film that kind of make up for the bizarre plot. If you’re not a die hard sci-fi fan then this movie is worth a watch.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Honestly this film makes my head hurt. The plot is extremely convoluted. The main point of the film is to never give up and don’t hold on to the past, but honestly with how weird the film is it gets lost in the plot. From like matter touching like matter to altering timelines the film just isn’t good as a sci-fi film. The mind control scenes were hilarious and comic gold unfortunately this was only five minutes of the film. The rest of the film was very vanilla and typical Disney plot filler.








        Replay Value



          • Some Funny Scenes


          • Terrible Plot
          • Boring For Most Of The Film

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