Let’s Be Evil

This is one of the most creative and enjoyable first person horror films I’ve ever seen. The special effects on this film are incredible. The plot is original and creepy. This sci-fi horror film is a must watch. There are so many levels to this film that it merits watching again. Let’s Be Evil  is what the first person horror genre needed to bring it new life. I normally hate first person films, but this one is fantastic. The acting is great and helps bring the world and characters to life. I definitely recommend seeing this movie.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The reasons for this film being so amazing is the plot, pacing, special effects, and cinematography. The idea of switching between each person view while also seeing all the vitals and images through special glasses is a great idea. This film definitely has a Children Of The Corn with technology vibe to it. The special effects really are incredible and helps set the atmosphere and mood of the film. Most the film takes place in an underground facility where it is pitch black and the glasses are the only way to see. The scares in the film are decent and have great build up creating tension. What really makes the Let’s Be Evil a top tier movie for me is ending it makes the viewer want to watch the film again. I would highly recommend watching this film if you like horror sci-fi films.








        Special Effects


          Replay Value



            • Creative Plot
            • Wonderful Special Effects
            • Creepy


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