The Legend Of Hell House

The Legend Of Hell House is a film based on the book Hell House by Richard Matheson. Honestly the film really do the book justice, it is far too tame and there is several key plot points missed in the film. While the screenplay was written by Matheson too it just doesn’t have the same punch that the book had. There are several mundane scenes in the film which feel like a typical 1970’s horror film. That’s not to say it is a bad film just lackluster compared to it’s potential. This story really deserves a remake and be at a R rating instead of PG. It is worth seeing at least once, but from there it is questionable

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

This spoilers in this section will contain some for the novel too. There are several elements that helped create a scary environment in the mind of the reader that the film is missing one of the biggest ones is the swamp/mud pit next to the house there was no mention of it in the film nor its significance. While I’m not a big fan of shock value in horror film the book does a great job at creating tension and atmosphere using it. There is a major lack of that in the film. Honestly I would read the book instead of watching the film.








        Replay Value



          • Pretty Good 1970's Horror Film


          • Not As Scary As The Book

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