Jungle Book (2016)

In typical Disney fashion they have decided to rehash the same story over again, but this time it’s all CG. The animation is great, but you really don’t expect less at this point from Disney. The tale is a known quantity, however the pacing of the film did seem to have several moments where it stuttered and did not transition smoothly. The music seemed to not help immerse the viewer into the world, instead it made a weird juxtaposition of Western Classical and Dixieland Jazz on top of a film based in India. The three standout performances were from Bill Murray as Baloo, Ben Kingsley (Gandhi) as Bagheera, and Christopher Walken as King Louie. While they stole the show it honestly couldn’t beat the original fully animated version. There are the classic songs, but they don’t have the same intensity or grandeur that the original possessed. The funniest part was Christopher Walken and his great performance and honestly that makes the movie worth watching in and of itself. Honestly this film is well done, but I can’t ever say that it’s my favorite.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Okay I love the idea of redoing this film with all the amazing animation that Disney has at it’s disposal. However I really wished that I could have had all the voices muted and just watch the animation as a wildlife documentary. It’s only because of how clunky the flow is, the staple songs are haphazardly thrown in to make the viewer not rage out of the movie studio. Why even bother getting Scarlett Johansson to play Kaa if shes literally only in the film for like a minute. I have no problem with her as an actress but is she literally in there just for hype? For that matter why did they decide that Sam Raimi needs to voice a character. Yes the guy who made Evil Dead was a voice actor in this film. The other rather off putting thing is why does King Louie need to be the size of King Kong? Does Mowgli suddenly become a woman and needs to rescued from the top of the Empire State building where King Louie is holding him hostage halfway through the film, no. While the action scenes were cool why bother making King Louie huge The final battle between Mowgli and Shere Khan is a disappointment because Disney can not seem to come up with something original to finish off their characters. Shere Khan dies just like Mother Gothel. The film falls into the category of being visually stunning, but everything else is lack luster and Disney trying to recycle old ideas.








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