Journey To The Center Of The Earth

This adaptation of the Jules Verne book is not only classic, but also has many comical elements to it. If you’re looking for state of the art special effects this film isn’t for you. The monsters and molten lava are laughable now. The acting is funny and somewhat cheesy. That being said it definitely has real merit and decent pacing that can keep the viewer engaged. This is a great B grade science fiction film and a great film to watch when you want something a little more light hearted.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The interactions between the characters really makes this film. The action scenes are now just funny and comical instead of being intense and drama filled. Some of the best scenes actually are around the pet duck Gertrud. From the professor and student trying to communicate with it while being trapped in a locked room to the parts where Gertrud follows behind the expedition team trying to avoid the monsters. It has a decent ebb and flow to it that makes it an enjoyable film to see every once and awhile.








        Special Effects


          Replay Value



            • Hilarious Speical Effects
            • Great Plot
            • Sci-Fi Classic


            • A Few Cheesy Scenes
            • Lackluster Special Effects

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