Jaws is one of those iconic films that is both a masterpiece and tragedy. It is often rated in the top 100 greatest film ever made. However it’s impact that it has had on shark populations is staggering. That being said I will just be focusing on the film itself and not the issues surrounding the film. Jaws is great from the amazing lifelike mechanical shark to its incredible score. It is a treat to watch and can be watched time and time again. The acting is perfect even the locals on the island who play bit parts in the film. While Steven Spielberg steals the show with the film’s great production and beautiful cinematography, the music from John William’s is the high point of the film. It is instantly recognizable and automatically will stir the feeling of impending doom. Almost everything about this Jaws is perfect and a must watch for any movie lover.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

I will state something rather out of popular opinion about Steven Spielberg, I don’t really like his films. That being said I do really like Jaws. The trio of Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, and Roy Schieder have amazing chemistry really helps bring the viewer into the film and not letting them go. The drunk boat scene where all of them are telling stories is very impactful and is probably the best scene in the film. If you watch the film enough times there is a few scenes that do have issues. In particular it’s the amount of barrels on the ship and that the shark has. It honestly doesn’t take away from the film but it is quite noticeable after a couple watches. Jaws is classic and well worth seeing over and over again.






      Thrill Ride


        Replay Value



          • Classic
          • Incredible Cinematography
          • Great Acting
          • Perfect Pacing


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