Jackrabbit is a post apocalyptic sci-fi film that will make any die hard sci-fi fan sit on the edge of their seat in both anticipation and rage. The film has an amazing concept and special effect. However at certain points the film lacks emotional depth and character development that makes the latter half of Jackrabbit somewhat painful and hard to get through. This is due to a combination of poor dialogue and acting. The film shares some similarities to The Matrix and 2001, however the issue with pacing and convoluted subplots forces the film into a lower tier of sci-fi.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

From the start I really enjoyed the premise of the film the idea that a society is trying to rebuild in the wake of what can only be assumed is a nuclear disaster is not unique. The thing that sets the film apart from the rest of typical sci-fi is the reliance on older 1980’s technology. Where partially thrown together motherboards and power supplies combined with CTR monitors is coined as Tetris. On a side note this should be what the Tetris movie needs to use as part of the origin story. As a programmer and mechanical engineer I love this idea of using the old to rebuild with the new. It’s a rarely used plot device in sci-fi instead of rebuilding from scratch like Planet Of The Apes style sci-fi. That is only half of the film the rest centers on two men who are trying to solve what happened to their friend who commits suicide in a bathtub holding a computer. Which unfortunately is the focus of the second half Jackrabbit. It turns into a mystery which is fine, however the ending is a bit lackluster and gives the viewer a choice on how the movie ends which would be great, but I found myself not caring what happened to the two main characters at the end.








        Replay Value



          • Original Concepts
          • Unique Look At Technology
          • First Half Is Great


          • Slow Second Half
          • Very Ambiguous Ending

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