It’s A Beautiful Day

From the same person who made World Of Tomorrow, It’s A Beautiful Day is quite unique. The film is very stylized and can take the viewer quite a while to get used to. The other issue that this movie has is that it is slow sometimes painfully so. After watching the film the I was left in a very interesting and contemplative mood. The depth and emotions that are produced from watching it are many and complex. It is worth a watch but honestly I’m not going to be watching it again.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

This film blurs the lines of reality and fiction. It is broken up in three parts the first part is fairly slow and really tries to build the backstory of the main character, but being so random it is a struggle to get through. Once he finally starts to lose his mind the main character and story becomes more interesting and much faster. Then finally the story becomes very dark and odd. It is a really trippy film if you liked Enter the Void then this film is the film for you.








        Replay Value



          • Original Plot
          • Somewhat Comical


          • Strange
          • Low Replay Value
          • Slow

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