Invincible Iron Man

I’m a huge fan of Iron Man and was excited to see Iron Man pitted against some new and different villains. However I felt like this wasn’t a great film though because of the plot. While the animation was okay and voice acting was decent the idea of spinning off another Marvel Universe to rehash Iron Man’s origin story was a bit much. Sitting through most of the film seeing how Tony Stark became Iron Man just was painful. There are plenty version of this why not just make the film have a more substantial plot. If you are looking for an Iron Man film, I would suggest this one if you want a different origin story and aren’t tired of it, but otherwise I’d look else.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot outside of retelling the Iron Man story was interesting and well worth watching, but by the time it got around to that the film was about halfway done. That’s really this issue with the film I loved the last half, the idea that these beings have been risen and want to destroy the world is a classic superhero movie plot. There’s nothing wrong about that because it is told in a different style of villains and the interaction between Iron Man and these villains is unique. There are some very surprisingly deep plot twists and interesting developments throughout the film which is refreshing compared to classic superhero films. I feel that this film is decent and worth seeing once, but I won’t be watching it again anytime soon.








        Replay Value



          • Intereseting Plot Points


          • Rehashing The Iron Man Creation

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