The first film in the Insidious franchise is an amazing movie. While not the scariest horror film it does rise above most and makes a great impression on the viewer. The cinematography really sets this film apart, but it is also backed by an incredible plot with solid acting. Although there is some lack of replay value due to the film not being constantly scary the cinematography carries the film in the replay value from well crafted scenes. It is worth seeing at least once.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The idea of the film is similar to Poltergeist but the most impressive thing about the film is the dream space which they enter. The contrast between the background and the objects in the dream plane is incredible. Because there is not a lot of background nor fast paced action the scene relies on stark and eye grabbing characters. It really makes Insidious stand out from most horror films. While the plot does slow down at points the twists and turns in the film are great even if the end does clearly leave a cliffhanger for a sequel it doesn’t affect the power of the film nor the replay value of it.








        Replay Value



          • Wonderful Cinematography
          • Great Plot


          • Not Super Scary

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