Inglourious Basterds

Well this film is bizarre and it is what you expect from a Tarantino film. There is a great sense of humor and blood with this alternate history WW2 film. The idea of the film is great although the ending does get a bit weird. The idea of the film is much like The Eagle Has Landed except it’s on the opposite the allies are trying to kill Hitler instead of Germans trying to kill Churchill. What makes this film is the hilarious scenes and the sense of humor the film has, while twisted it is hilarious. It’s a great Tarantino film, but I won’t say it’s a great WW2 film. Inglourious Basterds skirts the line of being a comedy and just a very weird alternate history story. That is the genus of the movie though it has a light side to it while dealing with a very heavy and well known subject.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The best thing about this film is Brad Pitt and his wonderful accent. From start to finish he gives a hilarious performance. The scene where the ally spies are in a Mexican standoff is absolutely great. Eil Roth, while I don’t like him as a director, is great as the Bear Jew who uses a baseball bat to get back at the German solider. The film is memorable and well worth seeing because of particular scenes. It however doesn’t make the film great overall the ridiculous death of Hitler melting is really corny and poorly done. It’s a film that is decent, but not one of my top favorites to watch nor watch yearly.








        Replay Value



          • Hilarious
          • Different Take On WW2
          • Great Acting


          • Somewhat Convoluted Plot

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