Hannibal Rising

While the original Hannibal trilogy was amazing Hannibal Rising was rather disappointing. It deviates severely from the formula that I loved about the other films. I knew what to expect from the film from reading the book, but the the plot felt lacking. What I had hoped would be psychological thriller turned into a hack and slash film. The bar was set extremely high by both Red Dragon and The Silence of The Lambs and this one fell short. I think that the acting is great Gaspard Ullie, Dominic West and Li Gong do a great job in the film. I would recommend seeing anything else in the Hannibal collection before this one and look elsewhere for a psychological thriller film before seeing this film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

I understand that this film is showing the growth of Hannibal and how he would become the Hannibal from the other movies, but it felt like a disappointment compared to the other three movies. Does the caliber of acting have something to do with it? Possibly, but I don’t want that to mean that Gaspard Ulliel, LiGong, and Dominic West are bad actors compared to Anthony Hopkins or Jodie Foster. It really has to do with Hannibal being a cold blooded killer with very little class or refined nature about him. Instead of luring his victims and making the audience feel dread while he is committing his crimes it is more that he is just hacking and slashing. There is some sense of that when he kills his first victim about honoring Lady Murasaki but after words it’s seek and destroy type mission like in Oldboy. The film does do a good job showing how Hannibal became what he was in the other films, but it was an excessive amount of hack and slash for my taste.






      Thrill Ride


        Replay Value



          • Great film for understanding Hannibal's origin


          • Gory
          • Not as cerebral as the other films

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