Guardians Of The Galaxy

One of the many Marvel releases that came out it is easy to look over Guardians Of The Galaxy with the other bigger box office hits. The truth is that it far outshines many of the other Marvel films. It has a bit of everything for everyone. The action scenes are well executed and makes the viewer sit on the edge of their seat. The characters really come to life and makes the viewer connect strongly with them. This is due to a beautifully constructed plot that provides great pacing while building great backstories for the characters. The special effects are top notch and really helps immerse the viewer into the world that Guardians Of The Galaxy. While this film is expected to be action packed the plot also has an amazing dose of comedy. The sense of humor fits perfectly with the bunch of misfits that comprise Guardians Of The Galaxy both dirty, crude, and all together hilarious. This film has easily become one of my favorites and I would highly suggest seeing this film at least once.


Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Marvel scored a great hit with this film even though it is not the traditional superhero film that we are used to out of Marvel. From the start of the film it is easy to connect with Star Lord, because he is an outcast and a goof. While he isn’t in the most heroic profession he still is some that a person can relate to. The other thing I like was how funny and a “player” he was in the film. It gave adults something to laugh at while a younger audience could enjoy the action in the film. At first glance I thought I wouldn’t like this film about a bunch of outlaws who save the galaxy, but the characters back stories are done so well that I couldn’t help but fall in love with them all. Rocket was the best out of all of them simply because of how badly he was treated, but even though he acted tough he was a good being at heart. I feel like that’s really made the movie is that each one of them had characteristics that everyone could relate to, some more than others. The comedy is also a little more adult in nature such as John C. Reily’s bits and interaction with Star Lord. The end made me so sad with Groot when he died, but I felt that Marvel did a great job showing him growing again in the plant. Also Groot dancing at the end was a nice touch to finish off the film and leave the viewer feeling up beat.








        Replay Value



          • Animation
          • Action
          • Character Developement
          • Fights
          • Plot


          • Villians Were A Little Weak
          • Some Slow Points In The Film

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