Green Street Hooligans

While Elijah Woods is probably best know for his appearance in The Lord Of The Rings films, however one of his best works is Green Street Hooligans. The film centers around Matt Buckner, Elijah Woods, being kicked out of a prestigious university and struggling to find a purpose in life. He then goes to England and joins a firm for a British Premier League team. The film then focuses on the changes that happen to Matt. The plot is incredible and really pulls the viewer in. The acting is amazing and the characters have great depth which makes connecting with them amazingly easy. The action scenes are well executed and give the feeling of complete chaos. If you enjoy drama films this is the perfect one for you.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

I really didn’t know what to expect from this film. The start was rather odd and made it hard to relate to a preppy man at Harvard. As the story progresses it focuses on the Elijah Woods as he struggles to find a purpose in life after being kicked out of Harvard for something he didn’t do. His character becomes more accessible as he looks for any way of finding himself in midst of a free fall. He travels to England and joins a firm. This is where the story feels like Brighton Rock and that is where I began loving the film from Elijah Woods characters development and learning to stand up for himself. The entire tale from there begins the transformation from an American in the UK to becoming a local. This is where the film takes a turn and for those who don’t understand the British Premiere League and European football (soccer) won’t care to much for the film, unless they care about fighting. The ending of this film brings great closure and ends full circle after leaving England Elijah Woods comes back to the USA and gets vengeance on the person who expelled him from Harvard. The ending is brilliant and left me feeling like I had watched something truly amazing. This film is truly a must own and must watch.








        Replay Value



          • Elijah Woods Performance
          • Fights
          • Plot


          • Not Relateable To Everyone
          • Some Dialouge
          • Needs To Understand BPL Or European Spoerts

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