Five Card Stud

Five Card Stud is one of those interesting movies where two great actors (Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum) decided to make a western. Now I know what you’re thinking where’s John Wayne. This isn’t the case nor is this your typical western. While the plot is some what basic there are other aspects that makes the movie enjoyable. The best part is that this film becomes a who done it. Dean Martin is great as the protagonist in the film. Robert Mitchum plays a supporting role in the film but works great with Dean Martin. If you’re looking for a classic western look no further.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

I enjoyed this Western Mystery a lot. It was quite different than most of Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum films. The reason for this is that Robert Mitchum actually plays a bad guy. Shocking right, that is why I enjoy this film. The only issue is that because of the mystery aspect it effects the plot of the film. Since you know what will happen it hurts replay value. But overall this film is great the suspense, gun fights, to Dean Martin trying to solve the case. I recommend at least seeing this film once.






      Gun Fights


        Replay Value



          • Acting
          • Gun Fights
          • Plot


          • Replay Value

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