This film is an amazing work of cinematography. From start to end Equinox delivers a great and intriguing plot that provides twist after twist. The best part is all of the stop motion animation and special effects. While not up to today’s cg it still is a visual treat and makes the film worth watching. The plot really is different and unique making it a standout film. While there are some slow and cheesy points the overall quality of the film is amazing and a must see for any sci-fi fan.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot centers around a demon and a book of evil that it wants while a group of college teens look for a professor. It feels like a mixture of Evil Dead and Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Like I said before the animation and special effects really make the film. It is a delight to watch visually even if some of the acting and lines are sub-par. The animation really comes into play with the monsters crafted by the book and other spells from a mini king kong to a dinosaur the film does have quite an imagination. They are interesting and classic terrors  Equinox is an enjoyable film and is a must watch for the movie fan and honestly it is a must own film.








        Replay Value



          • Great Animation
          • Original Plot
          • Great Acting
          • Classic


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